West Valley, Glenridding to Greenside

Covering Glenridding centre and rentable cottages up the west end of Greenside Road

This has been pulled together across many leaflets collected by hand by your lead organiser and web sites. We hope it is all correct! At least one Glenridding B & B and two cottages have shut down in the pandemic so not listed.

We hope these are optimum for LBW in the Glenridding Village Hall and easy to walk.

Small company websites come and go particularly due the Covid-19 Pandemic. This website is a good starting point if places changed by summers 2023/4/5.

Many of the following in Glenridding have been observed by organiser in walks.

Glenridding Hotels

Glenridding, up market B & B,

Glenridding, Holiday Cottages, Guest Houses and B & B

Additional self catering accommodation may be found here.