Coronavirus Covid-19

The world pandemic has caused many problems beyond the normal medical situations of possible hiking injuries in the Cumbrian mountains and keeping the LBW Event hall Kitchen clean.

We will action Section 6 of the UK Prime Minister's Winter Plan A on September 2021 of :-

“Advise people to limit their risks, including by meeting outside where possible, ventilating rooms, wearing masks in crowded spaces, and getting tests when unwell”

So we bring together various website links in this section to help you assess the likely travel requirements as we write the website in late 2021.

Coronavirus Tests, summary explanation:

Coronavirus Covid-19 double vaccination record card/certificate

  1. We suggest you to keep your double vaccination records with you while travelling. If you are taken ill anywhere the local doctors, nurses, ambulance staff and hospitals will need to know you vaccinations status. If possible have contact details of your home doctor in case your medical history is needed. Also pack your European Health Insurance Card.
  2. Also check your forward paid Travel Insurance, with policy number, specifically states in the policy writing you are covered for Coronavirus Covid-19
  3. Before travel booking check UK government websites for advice like this.

Glenridding is in Cumbria in England. England follows the website guidance.

Face Coverings on Public Transport Step 4 opened up England on 19th July 2021 to removing legal restrictions within England. Thus many instructions to wear face masks were removed by parliament. However consider using a face covering on public transport and enclosed inside spaces.

Transport for London, of Tube trains and buses, recommends face covering

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
If you are travelling from Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, although all in UK, you may have to cross-check with those websites as well as you cross the borders into England. This is because each of these countries had their devolved parliaments issuing different rules at different times which became evident during UK wide Television Broadcasts from March 2020. So check before travel from them or through them.
Isle of Man and Channel Islands

If you are travelling from these “British Crown Dependencies” they have their own independent parliaments issuing rules. So check before travel from them or through them.

Isle of Man


Guernsey including Sark and Herm and Alderney