Mobile Phone coverage in Glenridding and Patterdale areas

Understanding Network and Virtual Network operators

In UK there are four Mobile Network Operators of Vodafone, O2, EE and Three who own the transmitter masts. All others are Mobile Virtual Network Operators who rent resources from the four MNOs.

Check this for full list

In early 2019 Glenridding only had Vodafone 2G. During LBW 2019 Craven Arms event ten UK people were canvassed of their mobile operator use. 25% said they used Vodafone. So we started a design of a LBW Wifi coverage system for the other 75%. However you still need to know the current situation.

No coverage

  • O2 (so no GiffGaff, KC, Lycamobile, Sky, Tesco, Truphone)
  • Three (so no FreedomPop, ID, SMARTY, Superdrug)

Yes coverage

  • Vodafone 4G at October2021 (so yes Asda, Lebara, TalkTalk, Virgin, VOXI work)
  • EE 4G mast at October2021 (so yes BT, Cmlink, Ecotalk, Now, Plusnet, The Phone Coop, Virgin work)

They serve the West valley of Glenridding village, LBW in The Hall of Glenridding Village Hall, Travellers Rest pub, Gillside Camp Site, Greenside Road.

They also serve the South valley of Side Farm camp site at Blowick, Patterdale The Estate, along the A592, Patterdale Hotel, Old Water View B&B, Patterdale (2021 closed) Village Store and Post Office, White Lion Pub in Patterdale, Youth Hostel Association hostel.

They do not serve Bridgend, Hartsop, Brotherside Inn of Sykeside camp site.

LBW Europe people should check ahead before travel that their contracts will work with Vodafone and EE systems.

When you drive North out of Glenridding all four Mobile Network Operators work when you are in the North valley served by the many Telecoms transmitters on the Television mast at Pooley Bridge.