LBW Internet 2GHz Wifi at Gillside Camp Site

This is an extra, noting the limited Mobile Telecoms coverage, so as to complement The Hall Internet.

Caravan Wifi repeater at Gillside camp site for LBW people only.

LBW2gig is 2GHz on one of channels 1 or 6 or 11.

Caravan Repeater converts Telecoms of EE 4G, or Vodafone 4G, into Wifi.

Guess will not be busy channel due away from most housing.

Because No wifi this camp site and no O2/Three coverage in West Valley.

Primarily for LBW Signal messaging, also for Emails and simple websites.

This will be activated with a Pay As You Go SIM with limited data (about) 5GB allowance.

Not for Video streaming, Video Conference or Gaming, go down to The Hall for these.

Not for general public use due they will use up our data allowance rapidly.

The Wifi password will be same as used in the event hall.