LBW Internet in The Hall

We will use the Hall VDSL land line, while disconnecting the hall one existing single antenna 2GHz Wifi Access Point, and install our password protected multiple Wifi Access Point dual antenna systems for the event duration.

Main Room, Wifi

LBW2gig is 2GHz on channels 1 and 11. Busy channels.

LBW5gig is 5GHz on channels 56 and 64. Clear channels.

Rear Car park, Wifi

LBW2gig is 2GHz on channel 6. Busy channel.

LBW5gig is 5GHz on channel 60. Clear Channel.


The Wifi password for all APs will be advised when you register in the event hall.

The Hall uses a VDSL Land Line. If you want a wired connection please ask. Also this will help for any Video Conferencing to LBW people wanting to join in somehow if they cannot travel to Glenridding.

We will also have IPv6 only ports available for you to test devices to check they are or are not okay on IPv6! Just ask for cables to be plugged in.

We will have many power sockets on tables covering European-Schuko with two earth strips, European 2 Small pin and UK types. If any one is still stuck we also have two blocks of French/Belgian/Slovakia/Czech with 4 sockets with upper pointing out Earth pin. Just ask!