Entering UK after Brexit

As we start writing this website in July 2022 we note Brexit happened end of 2020.

In terms of this LBW proposal, Glenridding in England in UK, this means free movement travel ended for EU people coming into the UK on 1st January 2021 onwards.

We hope holiday tourist visits by Non-UK, EU, people into the UK will still happen okay.

Full Valid Passport

Ensure you have a full Passport as you enter the UK likely with at least minimum six months still valid. Any EU country ID cards are expected not acceptable to UK Border control.

If you are given a dated Entrance stamp on entry into your passport make sure you receive a dated Exit stamp on departing into your passport. This is part of the in/out Schengen Zone coupled with 90 days permitted visit so you are shown not over staying due dated Exit stamp..

We suggest first checking these websites early in the Glenridding event year before committing to your travel.

We have been checking paid Media outlets over 2021 for general travel issues post Brexit and also including Coronavirus issues. Notably Heathrow Airport in England has had a recurring problem of queueing delays for incoming passengers.

If you are flying into the UK we suggest you allow plan for more time queuing in the UK airports at Border Control for passports. Also some Border Control officers have been off work due sickness so reducing available officers to process passengers. Also “eGate” automatic passport units, which speed up UK people returning, occasionally are “technical issue” failing UK wide so causing knock-on delays for everyone incoming to be processed manually.

Pack a Linux magazine to read while in the queue?

Load the Debian Linux Administrators Handbook PDF into your smart device to read while in the queue?

Send an update on LBW Signal channel?

LBW information sheet

We can supply any LBW people with an event summary by Email to display at the UK Border Control so the Border Officers can easily understand your non-work LBW event attendance purpose.

This can be as PDF files so you can copy it into your Smartphone or Laptop/Tablet for display or paper print out.



The Smartphone summary will be an A6 Portrait document in large writing so it should fill the phone screen and be easily readable as two pages.

The Laptop and Tablet summary will be an A4 Landscape document in large writing so it should fill the screen and be easily readable as two pages. This A4L you can paper print out before you depart home if you need the paper version.

On the front page will have the event hall location full address with the LBW proposal website link and three organisers contact details. On the back page we will put past years events with links of those websites still active.