Travel to Watermillock

  1. Rail to Penrith then 508 Bus to Watermillock
  2. 508 Bus information
  3. If you are at Glenridding on Hike it has one Bus Stop on half-circle road
  4. Taxis at Penrith rail station
  5. Taxi in Pooley Bridge, North Valley, Lake Ullswater
  6. Taxis at Glenridding, West Valley, Lake Ullswater
  7. Rail to Penrith then Bicycle on country roads to Watermillock
  8. Drive to Watermillock from the North – Penrith M6 Junction 40
  9. Drive to Watermillock From the South - Windermere
  10. If you drive from England South-East or EU going around M25 London
  11. Hiking from Penrith Rail Station to Pooley Bridge