1. Planned Outline dates
  2. Why Watermillock Village Hall ?
  3. Weather
  4. Lake Ullswater overview
  5. Maps of the Pooley Bridge, Glenridding, Patterdale and Penrith Areas
  6. Mobile Phone coverage in Watermillock and Pooley Bridge
  7. Mobile Phone coverage in Glenridding and Patterdale areas
  8. Mobile Phone coverage in Far South valley
  9. Understanding UK mobile services
  10. Mobile Phones & Tablets & Laptops, recommend Wifi upgrading with 5GHz channels
  11. Data and Voice SIM Cards, Pay As You Go
  12. Telephone Numbers
  13. Cash Machines
  14. Post Codes for letters and parcels
  15. Post Office facilities
  16. Vegetarians food sources
  17. Dog friendly places and Doggy Etiquette
  18. Dog shop of harnesses, carriers and buoyancy aids
  19. Electric Vehicle charging, Public, Glenridding
  20. Electric Vehicle charging, Hotel non-public, Glenridding
  21. Bicycle hire outlets in Penrith area
  22. Bicycle hire outlets in Keswick area
  23. Organisers - "Team Daves"